Stripping ISO-FIX

description Type 1 Type 3 type 5
Wire Range: 0.2 – 0.8mm 0.6 – 2.0mm 1.2 – 4.5mm
Dimension: 45x175mm
Weight: 450g
Mains voltage: 230V; 50Hz
Abisofix without power supply 9.240.11 9.240.31 9.240.41


spare Parts Type 1 Type 3 type 5
spare knife 9.240.12 9.240.32 9.240.42
knife head 9.240.15 9.240.35 9.240.45
Power pack 230 V: 9.240.50
Power pack 115 V / USA: 9.240.51
Protective cap: 9.240.55
Table mount: 9.240.72
Carbon brushes 1 set (2 pcs.) 9.240.57
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The ABISOFIX stripping device is used in the winding industry, for engine repairs and for radio and TV repairs. Copper wires, wires with a silk and glass fiber covering and wires with PVC insulation can be stripped.

The principle of the Abisofix device:
Three carbide knives close with increasing rotation speed from the largest to the smallest diameter. Due to the gentle start-up, the knives do not close abruptly, but nestle gently against the material to be stripped and only then increase the necessary cutting pressure. With the stepless adjustment of the rotation speed, the knives only close up to a certain diameter.

For example, the thin insulation layer of enamelled copper wire is still removed while the copper itself is hardly attacked. The steplessly adjustable power supply enables an optimal working speed and synchronization of the motor (no juddering).

A work process of the Abisofix device with standard head using the example of stripping enameled wire:
The Abisofix device itself works with safety extra-low voltage (long service life, electrically safe). It connects to your power source via the power adapter. The three carbide blades from the blade head of your Abisofix device form a funnel that is open at the front. You guide the enameled wire between the three blades of the Abisofix device as far as you want to strip. Then turn on the Abisofix device and pull it back. You will get a neatly stripped wire.

When switched off, the Abisofix device is automatically slowed down. It is immediately ready for the next job. Depending on the material, you can set the optimal working speed on the power supply unit.

The work process is essentially the same for all other tools.