ISO wire presser

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Technical specifications:

Length: 280mm
Broad: 12mm
Height without insert: 70mm
Height with insert: 90mm
Article no. with all inserts 9.254.70
Article no. with 1 insert 3 mm 9.254.71
Article no. without insert 9.254.72


Web groove width: Article no.:
3mm 9.254.73
4mm 9.254.74
5mm 9.254.75
6mm 9.254.76
8mm 9.254.77
10mm 9.254.78
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With the insulation and wire pusher you can effortlessly press down inserted dynamo wires in the groove in order to be able to cleanly insert cover slides or locking rods.

6 different inserts with different web groove widths are available.

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