Stationary stripping machine SAM 80

Consumables (wire brushes):

outside ø broad inside ø Wire strength Article no.
80 40 16 0,10 5.084.41
80 40 16 0,20 5.084.42
80 40 16 0,25 5.084.43
80 40 16 0,30 5.084.44
80 40 16 0,35 5.084.45
80 40 16 0,40 5.084.46

Special accessories:

Extraction device completely mounted on the machine (item no. 5.084.52)
SKU: 5.084. Category:


The stationary stripping machine is used to remove the braiding and the paint coating on the switching ends of fully formed coils, tie rods, pressed strands, regardless of whether they have a round or rectangular cross-section. This machine has particularly proven itself for stripping tie rods from defective windings, since burning them off is no longer necessary and there is accordingly no risk of the remaining tin alloying with the copper and causing the rod to become brittle when cold. The fiberglass wires can also be perfectly stripped solder blank.

The wire cross-section can be infinitely adjusted using a hand wheel. There are also two stops so that the length and width can be adjusted for a rectangular cross-section. The stripping length is limited by a stop that can be infinitely adjusted.

The brush dust is bunkered in a sack by a suction device (optional).

With a reversing switch (option) it is possible to work both in the same direction and in the opposite direction. This device is very helpful for larger cross-sections, since the pull is particularly strong in the opposite direction. In synchronism, on the other hand, the train is practically compensated.

Technical specifications:

wire dimension: from 1 mm
wire cross-section: Round and square
Usable stripping brush: SA80
Length stop (stripping length): approx. 20 to 150 mm
Number of stops for stripping height: 2 pieces
Paintwork: blue yellow
Electrical connection: Voltage: 400V 50Hz
Article no.: 5.084.40

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SAM 80

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