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Rapid without backstop 1.015.00
Rapid with backstop 1.015.05


designation Article no.
Winding mandrel M6 x 150 1.015.10
Winding mandrel M8 x 150 1.015.13
Winding mandrel M10 x 150 1.015.16
Winding mandrel M12 x 150 1.015.17
Clamping plate 150 x 150 1.015.50
Clamping plate 300 x 300 1.015.60
Intermediate sleeve for “universal” 1.015.30
Winder “Universal” 2.018.10
Intermediate box for “progress small” 1.015.35
Winder “Progress Small” 2.042.00
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The Rapid manual winding machine is particularly suitable for training centers and vocational schools. A drill chuck sits on the drive shaft, with which winding mandrels and clamping bolts with a diameter of up to 13 mm can be accommodated.

The 5-digit winding counter is designed for clockwise rotation, but also counts backwards and has a zeroing lever.

By adjusting the position of the hand crank, winding ratios of 1:2 and 1:3.7 can be achieved.


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