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The clamping ring “B” can be rotated to any inclined or horizontal position. This advantage is particularly desirable where instillation, switching and bandaging are carried out at one workplace. The ring can be freely rotated in 3 dimensions and is accessible from all sides, resulting in the best working conditions. The ring arena is equipped with lighting and an electrical height adjustment via a manual control device.

Technical specifications:

clamping ring: B-200 B-350 B-500
clamping diameter: Max. D 160mm Max. D 310mm Max. D 450mm
clamping weight: up to approx. 30 kg up to approx. 70 kg up to approx. 150 kg
Weight: 26kg 61kg 122kg
Article no.: 4.077.10 4.077.20 4.077.30

Video on the lifting console

SKU: 4.077



Clamping scissors set (3 pieces) clamping diameter Article no.
for ring “200” one step approx. 55 – 140 mm 7.100.61
for ring “350” one step approx. 75 – 275 mm 7.101.61
for ring “500” one step approx. 275 – 380 mm 7.103.61
for ring “200” two-stage approx. 15 – 100 mm 7.100.60
for ring “350” two-stage approx. 25 – 225 mm 7.101.60
for ring “500” two-stage approx. 95 – 320 mm 7.103.60

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