Coil machine special


Article no. designation
1.011.10 Faceplate ø 300
1.011.14 Faceplate ø 400
1.012.80 Mandrel ø 250
1.012.70 Winding mandrel M8
1.012.72 Winding mandrel M10
1.012.74 Winding mandrel M12
1.012.76 Winding mandrel M14
2.042.00 Winding device progress small
6.087.20 Wire outlet for 1 wire roll
6.087.00 Drain frame 3 rolls of wire
6.087.10 Drain frame 1 roll of wire
1.012.82 Three-jaw chuck ø 125
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The “Special SE” winding machine is a universally applicable machine for the repair and training sector.

It is driven by a pole-changing motor with a 3-stage V-belt pulley. Once the set number of turns has been reached, it is switched off automatically. The counter can be switched for left and right rotation. The clutch causes the winding shaft to start up slowly by means of a hand lever or foot switch. The winding process is interrupted by a lever stop switch.

Technical data for Spezial SE:

wire ø: 0.1 – 2.0mm
Center height: 290mm
winding ø: Max. 550mm
winding shafts ø: 35mm
winding speeds: 90/ 150/ 180/ 240/ 300/ 480 rpm.
Engine power: 0.4/ 0.5 kW
Power supply: 400V; 50Hz
Dimension: 50cm x 65cm x 50cm
Weight: 54kg
Article no.: 1.012.10

With base plate:

Center height: 250mm
winding ø: Max. 500mm
Dimension: 95cm x 65cm x 50cm
Weight: 60kg
Article no.: 1.012.11

With changing table:

Center height: 290mm
winding ø: Max. 550mm
Dimension: 150x70cm
Weight: 140kg
Article no.: 1.012.10 + 1.012.65

With changing table, base plate and tailstock:

Center height: 250mm
winding ø: Max. 500mm
Dimension: 150cm x 70cm
Weight: 146kg
Article no.: 1.012.11 + 1.012.65