Polyester fleece – adhesive tape

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Technical specifications:

Standard color: White
Carrier: Polyester fleece on liner
Carrier strength: approx. 0.055 mm
Glue type: synthetic rubber, stripe coated
Total strength: approx. 0.110- 0.120 mm without liner
Adhesive strip width: 1.6-2.0mm
Adhesive Strip Spacing: 2.0-2.4mm
Adhesion: >12.5 N/ 25 mm – web splitting
maximum tensile force: 160 N/ 5 cm lengthways
35 N/ 5 cm across
Elongation at break: 15% longitudinal
9 %. across
Temperature resistance/ insulation class: 130°C/ B *1)
155°C/F *1)
breakdown voltage: 500 V *1) / not impregnated
Storage time and storage conditions: about 6 months; cool and dry at approx. 20°C and 50-60% relative humidity
Delivery form: length 50m; Rolls on 76 mm core

Article no. 7.112.20 20 mm wide / roll 50 mtr.
Article no. 7.112.25 25 mm wide / roll 50 mtr.
Article no. 7.112.30 38 mm wide / roll 50 mtr.
Article no. 7.112.50 50 mm wide / roll 50 mtr.

Technical data are mean values and do not release you from your own tests.

*1) Insulation class and breakdown voltage depend on the impregnation agent you use.

This product is RoHS compliant.

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The polyester non-woven adhesive tape is permeable to soaking agents with a synthetic rubber adhesive and a strip-shaped adhesive application. Depending on the impregnating agent used, it can be used in thermal class B ( 130°C ) or F ( 155°C ).

It is used as end winding insulation and for phase separation. Due to the strip-shaped adhesive application, the polyester fleece adhesive tape is very easy to process and offers high dielectric strength and a solid winding after the impregnation process, which leads to improved heat dissipation and quality improvement of the end product. Polyester fleece adhesive tape is also used to mask self-supporting coils and to relieve strain on supply lines.