Necking machine type H

Technical specifications:

H – 1000 H – 1400 H – 1800
length approx. 3900mm 3900mm 3900mm
width approx. 1500mm 1900mm 2300mm
height approx. 2200mm 2400mm 2600mm
weight approx. 1300kg 1500kg 1700kg
Article no. 7.102.100 7.102.140 7.102.180
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Drawing-in machine H-1000 for IEC motors 180-315 (with housing) and IEC motors 200-355 (without housing). The machine sizes H-1200/ H-1400 / H-1800 can be customized on request.

Technical specifications:

Clamping options: Clamping ring with 3 clamping scissors X
Clamping ring with 4 clamping scissors option
Clamping ring with 1 clamping scissors and exchangeable stator supports option
for motor sizes: with housing (IEC standard) 180 – 315
without housing (IEC standard) 200 – 355
Clamping capacity with single-stage clamping scissors (standard)
at least diameter
Max. diameter
Clamping capacity with 2-stage clamping scissors (option)
at least diameter
Max. diameter
packet length max. 800mm
pull-in stroke max. 1150mm
retraction force 5000N
Positioning: Electrically rotatable clamping ring 360°
Electrically swiveling clamping ring 180°
retraction mechanism: working method pulling
tool holder magnetic
connection values 3 x 400V 50Hz
Dimensions: length approx. 3900mm
width approx. 1500mm
height approx. 2200mm
weight approx. 1300kg
Article no. 7.102.100