Folding machine RotaFlex

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Here are our videos on folding insulation

Technical specifications:

Max. strip width: 150mm 220mm 50 to 500mm
Adjustable fold: 3 to 140mm 8 to 210mm 55 to 490mm
Isolation: 0.15 to 0.6mm
Shape: up to 25 m/min
strip length: unlimited
Connection: 400V, 50Hz
Paintwork: Blue yellow


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Here are our videos on folding insulation

The “ROTAFLEX” folding machine is used to produce slot insulation from all conventional materials such as pressboard, leatherid, folded micanite, cut foils and new materials. Adjustment is easy, fast and precise. An attached side table (option) is used to reinforce the insulation edges (flanging).

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