Test device PI 5000

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Tester for high voltage and induction:

The PI 5000 is a handy, easy-to-use device for high-voltage testing of electrical equipment. Its ability to carry out an inductance comparison measurement is unique.

In addition to the inductance test, a special feature of the PI 5000 is the non-destructive test or measurement with voltages of up to 4750 V DC. The high-voltage test offers systematic advantages in the insulation resistance test, since it also detects effects that sometimes do not occur with a lower test voltage. A direct measurement of the insulation resistance is possible in the range from 250 kΩ to 200 MΩ. Insulation resistances outside these ranges can also be detected by appropriate voltage settings.

The PI 5000 corresponds to the latest standards, is TÜV approved and can be supplied with a calibration certificate on request.


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