Stamping unit DPZ phase insulation

Technical specifications:

Size: DPZ 150 DPZ 300 DPZ 450
punching width 150mm 300mm 450mm
punch length 150mm 300mm 450mm
Hub: 50mm 50mm 50mm
Dimension: 80x120x150 cm 80x120x150 cm 80x120x150 cm
Weight: 150kg 210kg 320KG
Article no.: 3.172.00 3.172.10 3.172.20


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With this controlled punching unit, you can punch out phase insulation quickly and efficiently, true to shape. The machine is available in 3 sizes, each of which indicates the height and width of the insulation paper.

Phase separators are molded insulating parts that are punched out in various shapes and sizes. They usually have rounded shapes. It is used at the end winding to insulate the individual phases of the windings from each other. Since the motors are then cast, absorbent insulating materials are particularly suitable.