drain shelf


Technical specifications:

Article no. number of coils coil size execution
6.087.80 32x DIN 250 left or right
6.087.82 24x DIN 250 left or right
6.087.84 16x DIN 250 left or right
6.087.86 8x DIN 250 left or right
6.087.88 4x DIN 250 left or right

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DIN 200 / 315 / 400 / 500 / 630 / 800 on request.
Custom-made products according to customer requirements are possible at any time.

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With the winding wire drain racks, many copper coils can be stored in a small space. At the same time, the wire ends for the winding machine are provided centrally. The shelves can be delivered in a right or left version.

A pull-in awl is supplied for threading in the wires. The winding wire drainage shelves can be individually adapted to your circumstances. (Please ask)

Wire braking and tensioning devices can be attached to the winding shelving so that the individual copper wires can be pretensioned. (Option)

As an option, a device that brings the winding wires together can be placed between the winding wire run-off shelves and the winding machine.