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Karl Wetzel | Birgit Dudek | Uwe Bidlingmaier

1950s - the beginnings

The company was founded in 1946 by Karl Wetzel in Offenburg. In the 60s the company expanded steadily and invested in advanced technology for that time.

1960s - time of growth

Karl Wetzel's daughter Birgit continued her father's life's work

1970s - a generation change

In the 1970s, the daughter Birgit and her husband Peter Dudek took over the company

1980s - internationalization

Now it was time to push ahead with internationalization

1990s - IT in the office world

IT is moving in and simplifying processes

2000s - Rationalization creates change

Rationalization is changing the world of work and its processes

2010s - digitization of manufacturing

The entire world of work is changing ever faster CAD | CAM | Industry 1.0 | Industry 2.0

2020s - new challenges

The 3rd generation takes over