Folding machine ROTAMAT

Technical specifications:

machine type Bandwidth
Adjustable fold: 3 to 130mm 3 to 200mm
insulation strength
(without cutting):
0.15 to 0.8mm
insulation strength
(with cutting edges):
0.15 to 0.5mm
feed rate: 4.2m/min
cutting length: 15 to 999mm
cutting capacity: with a length of 50 mm
3000 pieces/hour
Electrical connection: 400V, 50Hz
Pneumatic connection: 6 bar, air consumption 0.2 NL/stroke
Standard finish: Blue yellow



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The automatic “Rotamat” folding and cutting machine is used to produce slot insulation from all conventional insulating materials. The tape rolls are shaped gently without heating. With the attached side table (option), the insulation edges can be reinforced manually (flanging).

Rotamat without side table:
Max. strip width: Article no.:
150mm 3.066.00
220mm 3.066.10
Rotamat with side table:
Max. strip width: Article no.:
150mm 3.066.20
220mm 3.066.30